Top Representative Director Kuniko Dohihara

NANAMI International Corporation.
Representative Director. DOHIHARA Kuniko.


Thank you for having you access the our website of " NANAMI International Corporation ".

We received the establishment of a business support (gratuitous offer of the incubation office which used a space Government building) of "the Tokyo industry labor bureau" in 2008 and established it in 1-1-5, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kanda Government building.

We want to contribute to the society in the area toward the mutual understanding beyond the generation,
the society without the fence including the mutual understanding beyond the nationality.

Our Services

1.Nanami Japanese School.
We provide Japanese language lessons for foreign residents with resident status.

2.Nanami Japanese Culture.
We offer a various kind of programs for foreign residents in Japan and businesspeople
who attend foreign customers
to have a great experience in Japan.

3.Nanami Researches of Education.
We support people, such as company employees,
individuals who want to start up business overseas,
and students to understand cross-cultural communication
in business scene with a variety of useful programs.

4.Nanami Studio
We make contributions to local development movement in Japan enhancing traditional Japanese craft.

All our staff always act forward brightly. And We send "a smile" to a visitor.
We always listen to the voice of the visitor and consider and act immediately.
We continue conveying "Japan of the straight fact" to have foreigners understand Japan and a Japanese.
We aim at the company loved to a visitor for a long time by all of you. And we work hard to think about the each visitor if "my parent becomes", "my brothers (sisters) become" every day.
I appreciate your continued support and encouragement..

Thank you.

Representative Director.
NANAMI International Corporation.
July, 2014.