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Nanami Japanese Culture Renewal!!<2017.2.22>



February 22, 2017.

Nanami International Corporation.(Head OfficeShinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN.

Representative Director kuniko DOHIHARA) will inform you of the following.

“Nanami Japanese Culture” Division was renewed.

The new course is an “Intensive course”.

The new classes are as follows.

・Instant Japanese Class

· Japanese style Aromatherapy Relaxation Class


In late March, we will add 3 more classes.

· Manner class of Japanese meals.

· Decorated sushi Cass

· For ecology "Furoshiki" wrapping Class

※"FOROSHIKI" is a cloth for wrapping traditional Japanese tradition.


★ We will also carry out "Custom made" courses.


Do you know Kagurazaka in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo?

In the past, there were many "Kagurazaka-Geisha".

The current "Kagurazaka Geisha" has decreased to around 20 to 30 people.

Kagurazaka is a place with old Japanese style tiles

and a high-class Japanese Restaurant(=Ryotei)with black fence symbol.

Kagurazaka is a very popular town for Japanese luxury people.







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