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Children's Day<2017.05.05>


Children's Day

In Japan, May 5th is a children's day.

Children 's Day was enacted in 1948.

Children's day is to value the child's character and to wish for children's happiness.


In the past, it was called "TANGO - NO - SEKKU".

Even today we will also call the term "TANGO - NO - SEKKU" on 5 May.

In families with boys, we pray for boys' healthy growth,

we decorate helmets and armor to protect ourselves in the room.

And we decorate "KOINOBORI" in the garden.

This custom still remains.





There is another important habit.

On May 5th, we bathe the irises on the bathtub.

We know that it was May with the fragrance from the iris.


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