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Summer has come<2017.7.23>


The rainy season has ended in Tokyo.

From last week, elementary school students ~ high school students (University&college students alreadyhave summer vacation) are having a summer vacation.

Summer has come.

This year, many summer days in Tokyo, the maximum temperature is 32 ℃ or more.

And high humidity.

The asphalt will be above 45 ° C.

※ Don’t walk barefoot.


So, we feel hot summer in Tokyo is higher than 32 ℃.



Summer is the festival season.

"The 46 th Kagurazaka(Shinjuku-ku.Tokyo) Festival" will be held.

On August 26th and 27th, "Cheeks Festival"




On August 28 and 29, "Awa Odori Festival "

※”Awa Odori” is a kind of Bon-dance.

For details, please see the official website of "Kagurazaka Dori Shotenkai" ♪


I love this town, people who live there.


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