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2018 Sakura<2018.4.10>


In Tokyo the cherry blossoms declaration was announced on the afternoon of March 17.

Since I was at Yasukuni Shrine this day, I could see the announcement in real time.





I went to see cherry blossoms at night.



I went to see cherry blossoms even in the daytime.



And the cherry blossoms in the center of Tokyo scattered, it became the season of pink carpet.

However, when I went to Nihonbashi, I could see Ikebana with huge cherry blossoms.

These are "Ikebana" of Sakura.



Cherry blossoms pass by the Kanto district now, going northward.

The Tohoku region is the season when cherry blossoms will be in full bloom.

Please come to Japan and see the cherry blossoms in Japan.

You will understand the Japanese.


This is a dessert that imagined "Sakura".



Please come to Japan and discover your Japan♪

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