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Calligraphy Exhibition<2018.04.26>


I went to the calligraphy exhibition twice this spring.

It was lucky in this spring.

↑ M teacher's works.(@Ginza)


The calligraphy exhibition was a very wonderful art world.

↑ M teacher's works.(@Ginza)

Calligraphy of Hiragana can’t be read unless it’s a Japanese student who studied calligraphy.


↑ K teacher's works. (@Ginza)

↑ K teacher's works.(@Ginza)


Usually, calligraphy is written on paper with "SUMI-Ink" using "FUDE".


We also enjoy the color and thinness of "SUMI-Ink" together.

And we also enjoy the colors and patterns of the decorations that paste the work.


↑ K teacher's works.(@kichijo-ji)

K teacher and M teacher have continued calligraphy for decades.

The two teachers hold a calligraphy classroom by gathering a lot of students.

And we also cooperate with our calligraphy seminar.

Please come to Japan to experience calligraphy.


It ‘s okay if you can’t do kanji and hiragana.

The teacher will teach you carefully.

Please write one art in the world.



Please come to Japan and discover your Japan♪

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