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Tokyo Forum for Clean City & Clear Sky風呂敷講座<2018.06.13>


Reception of the International Conference on Environment.

"Tokyo Forum for Clean City & Clear Sky" was held on 22 May 2018.

Organizer: Government of Tokyo

Place: 45th Floor Observatory, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

View of Tokyo from the 45th Floor Observation Deck.



I went as an instructor of Furoshiki Wrapping.

Members of Furoshiki study group conducted a lecture

on Furoshiki Wrapping in English for multinational guests.



Governor Koike also performed at the main stage,

demonstrating the brilliant "Furoshiki Wrapping",

there was great applause and cheers from the venue.




Governor Koike wrapped the wines made in Tokyo.

And also wrapped a memorial rugby ball

for the World Cup Rugby Games to be held in Japan 2019.




I felt pleasure that multinational guests were very interested

in "Furosiki wrapping" which is one of Japanese culture.



Furoshiki which is a traditional Japanese culture from long ago is currently

in the limelight from all over the world as a thing useful

for the environment and disaster.


A ceremony "kagamibiraki" to be held at the time of celebration was also held.

Kagamibiraki is done only at the time of celebration,

and a lot of people open a barrel of sake, saying "YOISYO".


It was a wonderful reception night that people around the world

got to understand Japanese culture.


Tokyo is made, it's the year of commemoration of 150th anniversary in 2018.



Please come to Japan and discover your Japan♪

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