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World Water Congress&Exhibition 2018”Cultural Evening”<2018.9.25>


On the night of September 18th "World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018.Cultural Evening "

was held at Kiyosumi Garden.

Our Furoshiki Study Group conducted FUROSHIKI Lecture

in English for multinational guests.

Governor Koike made a speech at the main stage displaying FUROSHIKI.


Foreigners from all over the world experienced "FUROSHIKI Wrapping"

which is one of Japanese culture.

Foreigners were a wonderful cloth and praised Pattern

which feels Japanese culture.




I got a request from a foreign woman "I want to take a video"

and I performed a demonstration for "Bottle wrapping" video in English.

That woman hoped "I want to go back home and watch a video !"

FUROSHIKI is also 3R. (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

"Culture Evening" was able to think about environmental problemswith people

who came from the world.


Details are listed on the homepage of the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor's Office.



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